Friday, May 23, 2008

FO Friday

As I mentioned on Wednesday, this has been a hats and socks kind of week. Last weekend, I was pretty industrious and finished two hats.

Chemo Hat in Cream Chemo Hat in Grass

These are both Chemo Hats, pattern by Kelly Petkun of Knit Picks. The yarn is Knit Picks Shine Sport in the colors Cream and Grass. I have now knitted 28 of these. All of them are charity knits meant for the Cancer Society.

I didn't get my socks done, but I have a feeling they will be done by next Friday, so check back!

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Sandy said...

They look nice and soft. I've been in hat and slipper mode myself.

Thought I'd pop in to say hi, made my way from Homespun today. Soon to hop off the computer and grab some yarn.

Stop in for a visit, welcome mats always out.