Monday, May 19, 2008

Memorable Moments

It seems I'm in a rut here. The only types of pictures I decided to look at were of the dogs.

Heidi and Fen 1995

Heidi and Fen in 1995. Heidi was used to being on her own after 5 years. Then this little, annoying furball showed up.

I kilt it

This look tells me "Look, Mommy - I kilt it!" The novelty of playing with "it" wore off after a week or two, when she realized "it" wasn't going away. The main problem was that he didn't respect 1) her sleep time, 2) her cushion, 3) her special time with Mom and Dad, 4) her toys, 5) her food. He learned over the years, and he paid dearly for his indiscretions. He was completely devoted to her, though.

Every once in a while, I could really use a dog fix.

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