Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Night Movie

I really needed an Elkhound fix tonight. I found this video on youtube:

Two things that are true about this video. Yes, elkhound pups will chew on anything. I still have the evidence of that on a number of bookshelves that were perfect for teething. Yes, they love to wrestle. It gets more interesting when two of them are doing it in your living room when one weights 75 lbs and the other 55 lbs. The lighter one was my old girl and she would kick his 5 year younger butt every time.

You have to admit, they are awful cute as puppies. It almost makes me want to get one. Then I have to remember the training, housebreaking, teething, and basic mischief they get into. A bored elkie is a wiley elkie.

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