Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's On The Needles

Back to socks and hats this week. This weekend, I put some real effort into my Sock Madness Round 3 socks, Slippin Stripin is the name of the pattern.

Slippin Stripin Socks WIP

You use two lace weights. In this case, Jojoland Melody and JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool Silk. The Jojoland had long variegations, and the Jaggerspun is a solid. The stipes are based on a AA, AB, BB, AB, AA color combination. The Jojoland is very thin, and I was almost tempted to triple up on it, but it's working out ok anyway. After finishing the first socks, and burying alllll the ends, I moved on to an old WIP that has been languishing since last July.

Wild Kat WIP

This pattern is called Wild Kat and is by Deby Lake. I don't know why I was so apprehensive about this pattern. Once I got through the first patter repeat, it was smooth sailing. These are knitting up very quickly. I really only started working on this Tuesday night, having completed the ribbed cuff and stuffed it in a bag almost a year ago, and I have the first sock done today. Not bad.

I think that once I'm done with these, I'll still be taking a break from the lace weight socks. The pattern is easy, but those needles are very stabby.

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