Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's On The Needles

No pictures today. Sorry. I am close to finishing my Einstein Coat, and should have it done tonight. Pictures should follow on Friday. I think I may have enough to do a hat as well. That would be nice. I took a quick fitting last night, and discovered that the sleeves would be too short if I followed the pattern. I am adding 2" to be on the safe side. This thing is going to be really bulky, but I don't know how warm it will be. The yarn is chenille, cotton and rayon. It seems to be very roomy, so I can always layer!

Sock Wars starts on Friday. Have no idea what yarn I am going to use. The suggested yarn is Tofutsies, but I'm not crazy about that yarn. The pattern is also calling for 32 stitches to 4" on US 2's. That seems awfully big. They are trying to cover a large group of people, and I have a feeling these socks will be similar to my last swap socks - bed socks. Too big to wear with shoes, but great for keeping my feet warm at night!

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